Wedding Services

PV Event Group sees the magnitude in significance that your wedding day represents. We have reliable experience providing help to numerous brides (and occasional bridezillas) with the planning, organizing and pampering phases of the engagement party, stag and stagettes, rehearsal dinners and of course… The Big Day.

Please take a moment to review the information provided and don’t hesitate to consult us if you have questions or would like to start planning you wedding with us.

Services available:
• Complete wedding planning
• Master of ceremonies
• Hotel reservations
• Stag and Stagette party planning
• Group tours and reservations

Types of Ceremonies:
In Mexico you can have a civil ceremony, a spiritual wedding, or a combination of both.

Civil Ceremonies
The ceremony is performed by an officer of the Registro Civil and is the only type of ceremony in Mexico which is legally binding.
• The Civil Ceremony in Spanish or English, is approximately 15 minutes and is presented by an official from the Civil Registry of Puerto Vallarta. The civil ceremony can take place at your wedding location on the beach, villa or restaurant. To have a civil wedding in Mexico, you must obtain documents from the government in your country and bring them with you or, if you don’t have time to spend here, send them in advance to Puerto Vallarta for processing. Each couple receives a legalized marriage certificate. Your wedding coordinator will provide the information and instructions you need to prepare the documents for your civil wedding in Puerto Vallarta, upon reservation of your ceremony date.
• Civil ceremonies are the only ones recognized in Mexico. A religious ceremony can be had, but it isn’t considered official.

Spiritual Weddings
This type of weddings can be performed for couples who have gotten legally married before arriving in Mexico, or have already been married here in Mexico by a civil judge. You do not need to be legally married in advance to have a spiritual wedding. After the spiritual wedding ceremony you will receive a marriage certificate, but the marriage is not considered legal.
• Non-Denominational Minister’s Ceremony (not considered legal) The Minister’s ceremony is approximately 20 minutes and directed in English. The ceremony is not legally valid; however it is an essential part of the wedding ceremony. The ceremony is carried out with all the ammunition of love, giving every couple a truly positive and meaningful experience. Each couple receives a commemorative marriage certificate and requires no paperwork. You only need to bring your identification and provide your address and proof of citizenship. Your wedding coordinator will have more information about the Minister ceremony available at your request. We provide assistance with all aspects of the ceremony from the processional to the ceremony outline.

Catholic Church Wedding
If you are not Mexican but would like to be married in the Catholic Church and one or both of you are Catholic, it can be done! To be married in the church, you need to obtain documents from your parish in your country. Church weddings are extremely paper work demanding and without the documents that the church requires, a Catholic wedding would be impossible to arrange. Weddings in the Catholic Church must be booked as far in advance as possible. The ceremony is approximately 20 minutes. There is no mass during the ceremony. The church will provide a marriage certificate signed by the father of the Parroquia (parish).

Checklist to Complete the Marriage Process:
Getting married in Mexico has become an extremely popular option for people from all over the world, who often combine their wedding ceremony with their honeymoon vacation. Below, you’ll find a general list of information on how to get married in Mexico. Please remember that this information is general, and can vary from state to state. Please check with the proper authorities, and or your wedding coordinator.

What you need to complete the marriage process here in Puerto Vallarta:

For two foreign citizens
• Valid passports
• Tourist Cards (which you will receive at the airport when you arrive)
• You will both need certified copies of your birth certificates that have been previously legalized by the Consulate of Mexico with jurisdiction over the country of birth.
• Application for Wedding License. Application must be filled out completely, with witness names and all spouse and family information.
• The Bride and Groom will have to arrive in the city no less than four days before the ceremony. (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and the day of your arrival do not count).
• You will need four witnesses for the civil ceremony and they must arrive 4 days prior to the ceremony with passports and tourist cards. The witnesses will have to be over 18 years old and cannot be parents of the bride or groom. The witnesses must have valid IDs and bring copies to the ceremony in order to sign the marriage certificate. The witnesses can be Mexicans or foreign citizens.
• You have to wait at least one year after a divorce or death of a spouse before you can marry again and you must bring a copy of your divorce decree. If you are a widow you will need to bring a copy of the death certificate of your spouse.
• Minors under 18 cannot marry without written & notarized permission from a parent or legal guardian. Some states may require a waiting period of a few days.
• You will need to take a blood test in Mexico less than two weeks before the wedding ceremony. The sample will be tested for blood type and sexually transmitted diseases. The results will be ready in 24 hours together with a certificate of the blood test. The laws in Mexico state that if your test results come back positive you cannot be married.
No exceptions will be made for missing or out of date documents. Please make sure to have everything in order well in advance of your ceremony.

Other Key Things to Remember:
*Make two copies of each document as you will have to present the originals.
** If you will not have enough time to get your own documents processed here in Puerto Vallarta, send them ahead of time for processing.
*** Canadian citizens have to have all documents stamped and present certified birth certificates, stamped and signed by the Mexican consulate officer in Canada.

For a wedding between a foreigner and a Mexican citizen
You will have to submit the following papers to the Instituto Nacional de Migración:
• Completed permission form (the wedding ceremony must take place within 30 days of having received permission)
• Original and copy of your valid tourist card or visa (foreigner)
• Original and copies of each page of your valid passport
• Original and two copies of the payment for processing
• A signed letter from the bride and groom which states their intention to marry.
• Original and copy of identification of the Mexican citizen

Other Requirements
• Legalization- in the USA the service is undertaken by the Office of Authentication at State Department
• Witnesses – You require only two witnesses in the state of Jalisco. (Witnesses can be friends or family members but not parents and must be over 18 and present at the ceremony in Vallarta with their original ID’s in order to sign the marriage certificate) If necessary your coordinators can act as witnesses for you.
• Blood Tests – The law in Mexico requires that you have the blood tests in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) prior to the ceremony. Your coordinators will take you to the lab for blood test that checks for blood type and factor only. There are no other examinations necessary.
• Translations – You will need Official Translations of all your English language documents, birth certificate, divorce decree, death certificate or name change certificate (if applicable).
• Marriage Application Forms-
You get these forms from the local registry office in Mexico. You will need to specify whether you will get married under joint or separate property on this form.
• Consent- People under the age of 18 may not get married in Mexico without parental consent. With parental consent, boys have to be at least 16 and girls need to be at least 14 years of age.
• Widowed- If either party is widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse will be needed as part of the documentation requirements.