Puerto Vallarta is well-known for its notorious nightlife comparable to that of Miami, Acapulco and Los Angeles. The scene in PV never takes a night off, making it a “Saturday night” every night!  There are bars and clubs for every taste; hip dance clubs that party till the morning, rooftop martini bars with breathtaking views, and cozy pubs with live music. Whether you want to party like a Rockstar, sip on wine overlooking the ocean, or dance the night away, Puerto Vallarta is sure to offer amazing nights that you will never forget!

During the months of February, March and April, Party Vallarta organizes the hottest Spring Break parties in town. Follow the Official Spring Break Party Schedule and make sure you get yourself hooked up with a Party Package so you don’t miss out on the fun! Check out the schedule and details on the Party Package here.

Puerto Vallarta Nightclubs and Bars

Saturday- Welcome Party


The exclusive house of worship for Spring Break! This place has been recently renovated to suit the likes of clubs in Acapulco and even Las Vegas. VIP tables surround the entire dance floor, and a hypnotizing sea of LED lights covers the entire ceiling making your party experience much more intense. If you feel like you need a break from the lasers and lights you may walk out to the modish patio lounge located inside the club. Hyde counts with an extensive and reliable security system throughout the club that ensures the privacy and safety of its clients, not to mention they even have an in-house paramedic for emergencies.

Dress code: Formal (Guys- Pants and close-toed shoes required, Girls- Head-to-toe gorgeous).

Punto V

Located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, just a few blocks away from Mandala. The first floor is completely open offering an astonishing view of the Malecon and the beach. It has a soaring ceiling with a massive chandelier that gives this place its glamorous vibe. Punto V also offers live music located on an elevated stage at the center of the club. Their VIP Sky bar is discrete and chic, with VIP cabanas, and palm trees surrounding the dance floor that make this oasis the most exclusive spring break party.

Dress code: Semi Casual (Guys- NO swim shorts and/or white beaters, Girls- Relax, but you may still dress like a breezy angel if you like)

Monday- Mardi Gras Party


Roo offers a whole new idea for clubbing downtown. At the entrance you will notice the exotic dancers luring you in for an unforgettable experience. It’s elegant and modern design provide the ambient that completes the ultimate VIP experience that you are looking for. Enjoy the best bottle service from your own private section, or right on the light up dance floor. Roo will definitely live up to your highest expectations of nightlife, entertainment and service.

Dress code: Semi Casual (Guys- NO swim shorts and/or white beaters, Girls- Relax, but you may still dress like a breezy angel if you like )

Tuesday- Foam Party (or Hyde)


Collage is the largest and one of the most entertaining and fun clubs in PV. You may have heard of their World-famous Foam Party Tuesdays on E! Television, Playboy, MTV, or Girls Gone Wild. The night starts off with a variety of entertainment such as fire dancers and break-dance performances preceding a great party. Good people, great service and a friendly staff. The dress code is casual, so come into the bubbles! Here you will find the perfect scene for an unforgettable party night, with the number one rule “What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico!”

Dress code: Totally Casual (We suggest bathing suits and flip flops, as well as zip loc baggies to place phones, cameras and money)

Wednesday- Dress to Impress


The hottest place in all Vallarta without a doubt… Mandala leaves no room for the old, they are constantly updating and innovating to offer you the best and latest there is in music, sound and lighting to create the perfect party atmosphere. Mandala is a place for sensory overload, so let the music guide you to the light-up dance floor. The two-level bar and dance club has oversized windows overlooking the Malecon as well as powerful A/C throughout the club to keep you fresh all night.  Dress to Impress at this Pan-Asian-inspired club amid the din of electro house and Latin pop.

Dress code: Formal (Guys- Pants and close-toed shoes required, Girls- Head-to-toe gorgeous).

Thursday- Party like it’s the 5th Century? (J/K not sure what we are doing here)


Newest addition to the growing variety of clubs Vallarta has in store for you. Strana offers a totally different concept for nightlife. The creative décor inspired in the Middle Ages will transport you to another era of partying. You cannot miss the chance to experience their private VIP areas and booths that are located all around the dance floor and the grand stage for DJ performances. Strana will also include a patio lounge area for a more relaxing atmosphere.

Dress code: Formal (Guys- Pants and close-toed shoes required, Girls- Head-to-toe gorgeous).


SKY BAR @ Mandala

Located at the rooftop at Mandala, this is the ultimate VIP Sky bar, with one of the most aesthetically pleasing views of downtown Puerto Vallarta and the whole Bay of Banderas. Only accessible through a private entrance, The Sky is where you will enjoy only the best in house music and experience a whole new level of VIP service. There are multiple lounge seating areas and two separate dance floors.

Dress code: Formal (Guys- Pants and close-toed shoes required, Girls- Head-to-toe gorgeous).

Optional Clubs

This enormous tourist-friendly nightclub is one of the craziest clubs in Puerto Vallarta, drawing a big crowd to keep it hoppin’ almost every night. This is the ideal place to dine and pre-party and maybe get a little wild. Señor Frogs attracts people of all ages looking for great fun night. At Señor Frog’s you will enthusiastically celebrate with live bands, staff shows, choreographed songs, and trademark routines. It is highly interactive and everybody gets in on the act.

Dress code: Casual (Dress comfortably)


You’ll recognize Hilo by the giant sculptures that practically reach out the front entrance and pull you into this “Coyote Ugly” style bar, which has become a favorite with the 20-something set. Music ranges from hip hop to house and electronic to rock. The most revolutionary disorder you will ever see. Hilo is the place for all hard partiers, huge TV’s all around, and VIP spots all throughout the house. You can’t miss the chance to come and show off your dance moves on the bar!

Dress code: Casual (Dress comfortably)

Now one of the oldest clubs along the strip, the Zoo has won over the heart of the old-style hip hop lovers. Become part of the wild stampede while you enjoy some of the best margaritas in Vallarta surrounded by a tribal atmosphere. This is the place where you can release the animal inside of you and dance to the wildest beats in town inside the human size cage. Enjoy the music from your VIP table, the dance floor, or the dance poles around the club.

Dress code: Casual (Dress comfortably)